The Boston-based brewery is making this one of most sought-after beers in the country due to its high alcohol content.

Samuel Adams just announced a limited-edition special craft beer called Utopias. It’s a whopping 56 proof and it’s illegal in 12 states... but not in Minnesota!

The brewery releases a batch of the "extreme barrel-aged" beer every two years, and this year marks its 10th vintage. The batch of 13,000 bottles will go on sale early next month.

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington have all banned the sale of the beer because of its outrageously high ABV, according to a report by Fortune.

Because of this, they recommend drinking it in 1 oz. servings, instead of like a regular beer. Also, be prepared to pay for it, because the price per bottle will set you back $199.

According to the brewery, the beer is described as "reminiscent of a rich vintage Port, old Cognac, or fine Sherry with notes of dark fruit, subtle sweetness, and a deep rich malty smoothness."

If you can afford 200 beer it must be nice to be rich. So is anyone willing to go in on a bottle with me? Lord knows I can't afford just one all on my own...

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