I finally took the leap and tried what everyone is talking about - 23andMe: DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis. I just got the results back today. I didn't expect to learn so much from my spit. Yes, spit. You literally spit in this little tube and send it off to the labs. It's a very interesting concept, but what you learn from your spit is even more intriguing.


We'll start with the not so surprising results of my DNA. I was born and raised in Minnesota, and I'm a natural blonde (not a pretty shade of blonde, but it's blonde). So it's not overly shocking that my results show that I am very much so German/French (50%), 10% British/Irish, and 7% Eastern European. Now, as cool as that is to learn, did you know that by testing my spit, they can tell me if I'm a good singer, if I'm likely to get eaten alive by mosquitos, and what my coffee intake looks like?


I did the DNA + Health version of 23andMe, and I highly recommend it. While it was overly nerve-wracking waiting to hear whether or not I have a variant in my genes that have an increased risk of developing cancer, seeing the results made it well worth it. Good news, I don't have that variant. In fact, I'm proudly pretty healthy and have muscle composition like an elite power athlete. Yeah, how cool is that?

So, no crazy stories from me about having a different parent than my siblings or being related to my husband, BUT I have heard of that kind of thing happening. Regardless, it was super cool to learn more about my background.

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