Pinterest and DIY everything is taking over the world. The majority of the time, however, when I take on a project, it is an epic fail. I can't even paint my own nails, but last night I made something worthy of talking about.

One of my good friends organized a get together at the all-new Board & Brush here in Rochester. I was beyond impressed. I've done other similar painting classes, but this was a completely different experienced. I mean, I distressed my own board, sanded it down, stained it and picked all of my own colors. I was really grooving with my inner Joanna Gaines.

Board and Brush

I love that they have "pick your own project" nights. No, not you pick the project, and all your friends do the same thing. I mean, each and every one of you can do something completely different... at the same time. One of my friends painted the desert, while one had a lighthouse, someone did a Halloween sign, and I painted a wall height ruler for my kiddo's room.

You can tell the owner has serious passion. Not only is she beaming when demonstrating, but she has transformed their quaint little location into a real creative space. Honestly, I can't wait to go back.

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