It's no secret, alcohol is loaded with calories. Finding something that is low cal AND delicious is a rare find. BUT, I think I finally found the golden ticket. 

I'm not a big beer drinker, and while I love wine, there are so many events that it just doesn't work (in my opinion). So what do you do when you want something cold and refreshing, BUT no loaded with sugar and calories? I spend WAY too much time at the counter contemplating what to get, and I find myself settling far too often. Not anymore!

I used to be a bartender and I've worked at a liquor store, and there is nothing I've come across that even remotely scratches the surface of tasty AND low cal, until now! You've gotta try this!


How they describe White Claw - "When three perfect crests come together to create a surge of pure refreshment. It’s what inspired us to combine pure seltzer water, a hint of fruit and our unparalleled BrewPure™ alcohol. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before."

They aren't lying! Under 5 grams of sugar and just 110 calories, but still 5% alcohol = huge win!

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    Festive Mixology in Rochester

    The best bartenders in Rochester are coming together to benefit Hiawatha Homes. Get your tickets today and enjoy their amazing creations at Festive Mixology on Sept 16th at the Peace Plaza.

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    Samm’s Favorite Cocktail

    I used to be a bartender/server, so I have a lot of fun concoctions up my sleeve. This particular one has been my favorite for years! It is refreshing, cool and crisp with just the right amount of sweet. I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t like it!

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