This headline shocked me this morning. "Coconut Oil is Pure Poison!" Wait, what? I thought coconut oil was really good for you? I use it in the shower, I put it in my coffee, I use it as a cooking oil. Oh my lanta, what am I doing to myself?

"Coconut oil isn't healthy. It's never been healthy." - American Heart Association. But then there are other sources saying they are "dead wrong." So which is it? I'm not a nutritionist, I just want to be healthy. Is it good or bad? Help. Well, now according to a Harvard Professor, it's "pure poison."

She posted a video on Youtube that has been viewed nearly one million times. The video is all in German, but according to CBS, it's called “Coconut Oil and Other Nutritional Errors” and she made the case that the dietary and cosmetic ingredient is completely unhealthy for humans. She says there's nothing healthy about it, and that all of the supposed health benefits are just "erroneous myths."

Both the professor and the ADA cite "the tremendous amount of saturated fat contained in coconut oil - nearly 82 percent. Butter, in comparison, is only made up of 60 percent saturated fat while beef fat contains around 40 percent."

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Getty Images - Astrid Stawiarz

While we are on this heartbreaking trend of taking away more of the things I love, she also brought up “superfoods” like acai and chia seeds. I'm literally crying now... She called them "ineffective sources of nutrients." (Sigh)

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