Have you been Naughty or Nice?

There are so many ways how you can let Jolly Ol' Saint Nick know what you want for Christmas - You could write him a letter, you could also go to ABC Toy Zone to sit on his lap, ooorr you can have Santa's personal phone number and give him a jingle right now!

Santa's Hotline is finally up and running at 951-262-3062, so be sure and tell Kris Kringle what's all on your wish list so you can see under the tree this year!

What are you waiting for, call Santa up now! Unlike postage stamps, this is completely FREE! Speaking of free, after you give the fat guy a quick phone call, you can then have a personalized letter sent straight to your house from the North Pole afterwards straight from his own desk. To learn more about that, CLICK HERE.

The Santa Hotline: 951-262-3062

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