Talk about a game changer!

Thin Mints. Tagalongs. Samoas. Doesn't matter the flavor because you can find them all easily with the push of a button.

When the mood strikes, we can plug our zip codes into a handy cookie locator app with your iPhone, or your Android with Google Play for FREE. You can also punch in your zip code HERE and that shows us which grocery stores will have Girl Scouts at the front door offering cookies on the way in.

Here are just a few of the dates and locations in Rochester that will have Girl Scout cookie booth sales this weekend:

Fareway Foods/Fareway Foods Rochester - Saturday

3964 US 52 Rochester, MN 55901

Goodwill/Goodwill Rochester NW - Saturday

1987 Scott Rd. NW Rochester, MN 55901

Hy-Vee/Hy-Vee Rochester 37th Street - Saturday/Sunday

500 37th Street NW Rochester, MN 55901

Walmart/Walmart Rochester NW - Saturday/Sunday

3400 NW 55th Street Rochester, MN 55901

Sam's Club/Sam's Club Rochester - Saturday/Sunday

3410 NW 55th Street Rochester, MN 55901

You can see where else to satisfy your cookie cravings around town HERE.

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