We found some unusual looking candy laying around and immediately thought we could use it for mischief!

Have you ever heard of these "Sweet Heat Skittles" before? We hadn't, but they sure sound fun!

Whether it's chocolate or jelly beans, it seems everyone's trying their hands at throwing a wrench into your favorite candies by messing with your taste buds in some way, shape or form. Hence the reason I snatched this bag of candy when I did.

I've been known to try my hand at a prank or two in the past, but no one would ever suspect Rochester's Queen of Nice Danielle Teal of such treachery... So we went ahead and devised a plan to try and prank some of our co-workers with these candies, and this is what happened:

OK, so that didn't go quite as planned... However, at least Jordan felt some heat from pounding half the bag into his mouth!

Note to self: Jordan loves food, so he'll eat anything.

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