How much do you pay a babysitter these days? Scotty asked his listeners to find out...

For the first time ever as a parent, I was faced with finding someone other than mine or my wife's parents watching my daughter.

We're extremely lucky having both grandparents in town and they constantly "fight" to babysit when we want to have a date night or meet up with friends. But last weekend both sets were busy or out of town so we had to go with Plan B for once.

We lined up a night with a neighbor girl down the street, as she's told us several times she's free to babysit, and that was that... but now comes the hard part: What the heck do we pay her?!

Do we slip her $10-15 an hour, or do you go the cheap route and pay her $5 an hour since all she'll essentially be doing is eating our food, playing on her phone and watching Netflix once Charlee goes to bed at 7:30?

Before the night arrived, I opening up the hotline and asked my loyal listeners what I should do. To my surprise, I had an array of answers on what the going rate for sitters are these days:

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