When it rains, it pours.

No doubt you've heard that expression before, right? Well that's exactly the type of day I'm having.

My day started out fine. The kiddo slept until almost 7 a.m. which is almost an extra half hour later than usual, so it's not like I didn't get enough sleep. But it's every thing that happened after that once I got her out of bed.

Turns out we were out of milk, so she couldn't get her morning bottle for breakfast so she was cranky from that.

I stubbed my toe walking out the door to leave the house for the day, and once I got in the car, it saw the gas tank was damn-near empty and wouldn't get either me or Charlee to daycare. But once I got to the gas station to fill up, I realized I forgot my wallet at home so I had to assure the attendant inside that I'd be right back with money to pay for the gas. So that was fun...

And now this:

Vending Machine *SM
Vending Machine *SM

Yep, that would be my favorite chips stuck in the vending machine.

GAARRRGH!! If my boss weren't in the adjacent room having a meeting I'd probably shake the hell out of the machine to get them out.

But instead I'm just gonna chalk this one up to a loss and pay it forward to the next person who tries to buy some snacks for their own lunch. Here's hoping your day is going much smoother than mine!

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