A friend at work just burst into my office and said the four best words I could ever hear today: "It's National Oreo Day!"

I've been on Rochester radio for the better part of 12 years, so if you've ever listened to my show, then you know I like to talk about food. A lot. But if there's one snack I keep coming back to over and over and over again it's the Oreo cookie!

As long as I can remember, I've always been obsessed with them. My parents would always have them available in our house, and they'd always pack a few in my school lunches. Whether they were a quick snack after school, or my version of desert after dinner, they've always been the perfect little treat to me. And with so many flavors to choose from the past couple years, I've fallen even more in love them.

So as we recognize this iconic cookie today, without further ado, here’s my definitive ranking of Oreo flavors:

  • 8

    Cookie Dough

    Full Disclosure: I'm a sucker for anything "cookie dough flavored", and these were no exception. However, sometimes I feel like they taste more like caramel flavored coffee, than cookie dough. Still, worth the buy.

  • 7

    Marshmallow Cripsy

    They taste just like Rice Krispy Bars, and that crunch in the frosting is an added bonus.

  • 6

    Double Stuf Head Or Tails

    When you can't decide whether you'd prefer chocolate or vanilla cookies, you just go with both!

  • 5

    Golden Birthday Cake

    I think these were one of the first "new" flavored Oreos to come out back in the day, and I fell in love almost immediately. I used to keep a 1/2 gallon of milk and a box of these at work for late afternoon snacks... So good!

  • 4

    Double Stuf

    Once you go Double Stuf, you can never go back. Did anyone else scrape off the frosting and build a triple or quadruple stuf-sized cookie, or was that just me?

  • 3

    Red Velvet

    Even my wife doesn't argue when we buy these.

  • 2

    Cinnamon Bun

    I just bought a box of these a few weeks ago. My kid's even obsessed with them! They've become my go-to flavor whenever I need to switch things up... however there's one flavor that I'll ALWAYS love more than all the rest.

  • 1


    My first love.

    Look, it's Milk’s favorite cookie, America’s favorite cookie, and MY favorite cookie. You can’t top the classic.

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