The Apache Mall's been going through some major changes lately, including Hallmark closing and Best Buy Mobile pulling the plug later this summer. But after visiting the mall this weekend with my family, I noticed something else has slowly changed over time...

Seriously, what the heck happened to the food court? More and more retail stores are slowly bleeding into it and there's really no "food" there anymore. As I've said before, I mostly visit the mall these days to give my kid a chance to burn off extra energy before nap/bed time, but this time around she developed an appetite so we ran to the food court to grab a bite, only to discover we only had very few options to choose from.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

As we walked towards it, we immediately saw the lines forming due to it being lunch time. But we also noticed two new restaurants/eateries were currently under construction. I remember a time when there were almost eight or nine choices to choose from, and now there were only four.

Now I realize people don't "usually" come to the mall for the food, however, these same shoppers and even the employees within it would probably appreciate a few more choices besides burgers, pizza, cheese steaks, Chinese cuisine and an Orange Julius. It's also almost damn-near impossible to get a seat at Applebee's or HuHot over the weekend too. So I'm just curious as to what the mall has in store for a newly re-made "Food Court" that doesn't really push a lot of food? I think I saw more people taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi and watching the TV's than eating anything.

Just my opinion, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to start putting more "food" in the Food Court instead of another corporate retail store.

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