I might be a tad bias, but this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen...

A lot of people make a huge deal about hiring videographers when capturing their wedding, and while I've scoffed at the idea in the past (when I was single, mind you), I wish we had just ponied up the money and done it for our own wedding day because when you find the right people who love what they do for a living, they'll give you a gift such as this that you can cherish for the rest of your lives.

When I first saw Kupcake Photography's amazing work earlier this year when they produced a similar video for the birth of their own baby girl, I had to reach out to them again and see if they would make one for our own family - and they came through in a BIG way.

The whole operation from beginning to end was smooth, intimate and extremely professional. I definitely recommend anyone doing something similar for their own families.

If I'm being completely honest, I can't make it 15 seconds without tearing up because it's something I'll always cherish and be able to show my girls time and time again as they get older. I'm so thankful they captured my oldest Charlee's reaction when she first saw her little sister for the first time because now I can share it with all my family and friends.

Plus, there will come a time down the road when I can point out to her that she loved being a big sister to Chloe.

You can see other videos by Kupcake Photography, you can scope out their YouTube page, and then follow them on Instagram and Facebook as well.

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