There's a bill in the works that could make this dream a reality... Well, at least in New York City. But, hey, if they can push a bill like this through in the largest city in the country, who's to say it couldn't happen here too?

A councilman in New York introduced the bill which would make it illegal for private companies with ten or more workers to force employees to answer work communications outside of work hours. Unfortunately, there are some blurred lines. It wouldn't make it illegal for an employer to contact you, just illegal for them to reprimand an employee who does not respond.

He's trying to push it through because he says we are all living under the anxiety of the never-ending calls and emails, and never take time to decompress. A TV station in New York quoted a psychologist and her thoughts on this bill:

The top two things people come in to talk with me about are typically work and some sort of family interaction. Considering family can't fire you (other than the technicality of divorce) this inability to disconnect thing is a real problem for people mentally. -Dr. Farrah Hauke.

Full disclosure, I've been there. Radio is a very in-depth business. We touch people on air, online, and in person. So, the last thing I want to do after a long day is answer emails and/or texts about work. I just want to eat a pint of ice cream and binge watch Stranger Things, OK?

What do you think of this bill? Would you like to see this happen in Minnesota?


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