What would you do if you knew 530 children/youth considered homeless in southeast Minnesota? The reality is that number is real. Thursday, November 16 - tagged as #SleepOut - a world-wide effort using every resource possible including the magic of social media to raise awareness on children and youth homelessness.

Nearly 2 million kids in America will face homelessness this year.


They may find themsleves with no place to go after escaping years of physical abuse, a dangerous human trafficking network, a drug-addicted parent, or a house overflowing with rage.


More than 5,000 of these kids will lose their lives to the streets.


On November 16, from coast-to-coast, people just like you will step out of their homes – and their comfort zones – to sleep outside in support of those who have no choice. Sleep Out America will help Covenant House bring shelter to young people who have no place else to turn.


There's some great initiatives locally that are working to combat child and youth homelessness. Center City Housing Gage East has housing provided for youth and families to help them transition out of homelessness and poverty. Another is Family Promise Rochester, provides shelter, food and support to families through a network of more than 40 faith communities that work together.

You can join in on #SleepOut and help raise awareness for child and youth homeless, details on local event here.

Below is a video on how Gage East is helping to transition families and youth out of homelessness,


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