There are some big liability disclaimer signs posted in Minneapolis for the Final Four, and it appears that no one proofread these signs beforehand.

First of all, we know that we aren't perfect, we make spelling errors, grammatical errors, but I think this is pretty bad since it's a liability disclaimer and since the things they misspelled are NCAA and liability.

Seriously, the headline on the signs, in big bold letters, says "LIBILITY DISCLAIMER." Not kidding. And on the bottom half of the sign they write "NCCA" instead of NCAA:

You assume all risks and accept all responsibility for any injuries that might result not only from your actions, inaction or negligence, but also that of others, the condition of the premises and/or your presence at this event. Turner sports, the NCCA© and other parties ...

When we make spelling or grammatical errors the beauty is that we can go back and change it. These are giant signs that were printed multiple times and set up in Minneapolis for the Final Four.


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