Small Town in Minnesota Picked As One of the Top Spots People Actually Want to Live In

Small town living isn't for everyone - trust me, I've tried it! - but according to a story did in 2021, there are 10 small towns in the United States that are affordable and are places where you'd actually want to live.  I'm not slamming small towns, that is actually what they called their top 10 list.  Wouldn't you know it, we are so nice in Minnesota, we've got a small town in Southern Minnesota that ended up in the top spot on that list.

Huge congrats to New Ulm, Minnesota!  You can see why they were picked as #1 back in 2021 and the others on the list below.  (Iowa and Illinois, you deserve a high-five as well because I'm seeing your states on the list too!)

Top 10 Small Towns in the United States That You Actually Want To Live In has just announced its favorite picks for the top small towns in the United States. They might be small but according to them, these are not only affordable but places you'd actually want to live.

According to, the larger cities are seeing people leaving for a smaller community for a variety of reasons.  If you have taken a glimpse at home prices in Rochester lately, you already know that you are going to have a really tough time finding a home that is under $150,000.  Affordable homes are a huge reason for people leaving the bigger cities.  When the pandemic hit though, people realized that they wanted a community that felt safer and where they could enjoy more of thr outdoors. 

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Obviously, when we talk about the good, there is also a "not so good".  And we are normally pretty Minnesota Nice but a list just showed up that indicates not every town in the land of 10,000 lakes is on the nice list.

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