This has been a weird winter. First warm with no snow. Now a little snow and artic air. Next up is a big warmup with temps returning to their above-normal perch.

Over the past week our our warmer than average season took a nosedive, with feels like temps ranging anywhere from to -20 to -40. The average high for southern Minnesota in January is in the low to mid 20s, and we're going well above that this week.

Beginning as soon as tomorrow we will be back above normal on the thermometer, with highs creeping near 40 this week (yes, really).

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Sunday marks the beginning of a warmup with breezy conditions. An early week system will pass through Tuesday with a chance of rain/snow mix.

Owatonna's Weather Channel Two Week Forecast

  • SUN 1/21: Mostly cloudy & windy, High 20.
  • MON 1/22: Cloudy, High 31.
  • TUE 1/23: Snow showers, High 32.
  • WED 1/24: Cloudy, High 34.
  • THU 1/25: Rain or snow showers, High 34.
  • FRI 1/26: Cloudy, High 35.
  • SAT 1/27: Cloudy, High 31.
  • SUN 1/28: Partly cloudy, High 31.
  • MON 1/29: Partly cloudy, High 31.
  • TUE 1/30: Partly cloudy, High 32.
  • WED 1/31: Partly cloudy, High 34.
  • THU 2/1: Partly cloudy, High 37.
  • FRI 2/2: Mostly cloudy, High 38.
  • SAT 2/3: Chance or rain or snow, High 38.

Now, a lot of this is pretty far out in the distance, which makes the specifics a little bit sketchy. Yes, things can change -- but it does reflect what NOAA and the National Weather Service are considering are the likely temperature trends over the next couple of weeks.

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