Those stimulus checks.  Governor Tim Walz has been talking about those for a few months.  Are families - based on income - going to be receiving them or not?

Some people do not feel that those checks should be sent out.  The funds should be allocated to other areas.  Minnesota has quite a large surplus of money. And Governor Walz would like to send out some checks again.

Here are the limits.  Individuals making $75,000 or less would receive $1000, and married couples making $150,000 or less would receive $2000.  Parents could also receive an extra $200 per child up to $2600. This is the proposal that is on the table for now. This proposal has not yet been approved.

According to MPR news: 

“I've made no mistake about it that people can make good decisions for themselves and a portion of this surplus needs to get back into their hands,” Walz said. “That might be the difference between housing for you because it could be first and last month rent. It could be the things you need to do for your children. It could be a vacation, if that's where you're at and your family needs.”

There are several areas that Governor Walz plans to allocate funding as well.  Those areas include education, housing, public safety, medical leave and the state's energy sector would also be allocated funds through this surplus bill.

Democrats are applauding the bill, while Republicans are stating that the surplus money should go to cutting taxes.

You can see the breakdown of the budget and where the money is suggested to be allocated here.  

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