When you finally decide to start a family you'll feel a myriad of emotions. I know my wife and I did. I immediately started to wonder if I was responsible enough if I was financially prepared, I worried about the baby's health and also felt a joy and excitement that I had never experienced.

All of that before we even started trying to have a baby. We were very fortunate and didn't have any trouble getting pregnant. Conceiving can be a challenge for some couples and with those difficulties come even more emotions.

If you're trying to get pregnant this new research could help speed up the process.

NBC News reports that women who eat a lot of fruit get pregnant quicker and conceiving can take longer for those who eat fast food. Jessica Grieger of the Robinson Research Institute led the study team, and said: "It shows that healthier foods support conception, while unhealthier foods do not so much."

Read the full report here.

Good luck!

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