This recall is a little scary! There are some stoves (or ranges, whatever you want to call them) that are being recalled right now. One of the reasons that they're being recalled is because they'll turn on all by themselves!

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Multiple brands of stoves are included in this recall and it's affecting Minnesota plus states all across the US.


This Isn't the First Time They've Been Recalled

These stoves have been recalled in the past, so this is technically a "reannouncement" of the recall, which originally happened back in 2009, according to FOX 9.

The reason for the reannouncement is because to this day there are still reports of incidents and injuries. Since the original recall announcement 15 years ago, there have been a total of 212 reports. 14 of those were reports of fire and 8 of them involved some sort of injury.

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Why the Stoves are Being Recalled

Like I said, one reason these stoves are being recalled is because they'll just turn on randomly by themselves. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, these models also don't turn off when you think you've turned it off. The burners also "heat to different temperatures than selected".

These issues are causing fires and people to injure themselves on a stove that they didn't think was hot.

Honestly, I'm pretty certain we had one of these stoves in our last apartment. It was the same brand as one of them in the recall, but also, the burners were not consistent whatsoever.

Stove Brands and Models Being Recalled

If you have an electric stove/range, this recall is for you. The brands that are a part of this recall are owned by the company Electrolux. Those brands are: Frigidaire, Frigidaire Gallery, Frigidaire Professional, and Kenmore Elite smooth-top electric ranges

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
US Consumer Product Safety Commission

The stoves being recalled would have been purchased from June 2001 through August 2009. The stoves were between $1,000 and $2,500.

Below are the model numbers and serial numbers for the models being recalled. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says you can find those on your stove "on the frame of the drawer at the bottom of the unit when the drawer is opened. "

Frigidaire Serial Numbers: Serial Number Range VF122xxxxx - VF936xxxxx

Kenmore Elite Serial Numbers: Serial Number Range VF122xxxxx - VF334xxxxx


Kenmore Elite Models: 790.990121*, 790.990131*, 790.990141*, 790.990191*

What to Do if You Own a Recalled Stove

If you own one of these recalled stoves, it may be able to be fixed. You'll need to either contact Electrolux or register online. Then it will be determined if your stove is fixable.

If it's fixable, Electrolux will schedule with you a free inspection and repair.

If it's not fixable, "consumers will receive a refund in the form of a $50 electronic gift card and reimbursement of up to $60 for the haul-away fee for their recalled range". This will come once a proof-of-purchase of a new stove is sent along with proof that you paid the haul-away fee.

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