If you listen to my radio show you’ve probably heard me shout out nurses on more than one occasion. I think they do so much work that they don’t get credit for and deserve all of the love, recognition, and compensation they get.

Several of the 30 highest paying jobs in Minnesota (see the list below) are in the medical field, but how do those salaries compare with similar positions around the country? Business.org took a look at the nursing profession to see how well they are compensated in states across the country.

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The business report found that nurses in Minnesota make more than 43% of the state’s population with an average salary of $80,130. (If you’re wondering the average Minnesotan has a salary of $55,890.) Nationally, nurses earn more than 45% of other occupations.

It's money well earned too when you consider all that nurses do and how dangerous their job is. According to one study, the rates of workplace violence in the health care and social assistance field are five to twelve times higher than the estimated rate for workers overall. Nurse attacks apparently occur at most hospitals and clinics every month.

Minnesota nurses' pay ranks 21st in the country. Nurses in California are the highest paid in the country with an annual salary of $113,240 – which is a little over $54 an hour!

The 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Minnesota

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