St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - The measure cleared the Minnesota House of Representatives by an 85-45 vote.

The repeal of the prohibition-era law banning the sale of liquor, beer and wine on Sundays has been a perennial issue at the State Capitol, but this marks the first time a stand-alone bill has been brought up for a vote or approved by state lawmakers. In the past, provisions repealing the law were presented as amendments to larger bills and were defeated by wide margins.

The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association, representing smaller liquor stores throughout the state, has been a vocal opponent of Sunday liquor sales and issued a statement following Monday’s vote in the House.

“Today’s vote is one step in a long legislative process. Our organization will continue to educate legislators and the public that authorizing Sunday sales will raise costs for small, family-owned businesses and consumers. This effort toward deregulation of the liquor industry is a step in the wrong direction as it will lead to reduced choices for consumers and the un-leveling of the playing field in favor of big box retailers,” said Association Executive Director Tony Chesak.

The issue now goes to the State Senate, where it's expected to face significant opposition. If it reaches his desk, Governor Mark Dayton has said he would sign the legislation.



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