My quest for the best dessert in Rochester brought me to an unlikely spot - Charter House. I received a note from my friend Heidi, inviting me to the Parkside Art Gallery that Charter House hosts. It's opened to the public and they bring in quite the crowd for viewing of art that's designed by either residents or guests they bring in. The buffet area boasts an array of food and....delicious desserts!

Parkside Art Gallery hosts local artists every three months. The 10th Art Exhibit opening featured artists Dr. Denise Dupras and Corene Bernatz. You can view photos of their incredible art here.

Artist, Karin Lindsay said about her own art being viewed at Charter House "It was awesome. It was beyond my wildest dreams. The people were wonderful. I've been doing art for a long time, I have 38 pieces. Everything from water color to mixed media. I am known for birds and floral artwork."  Joyce Gibbs, an avid attender said "I think Charter House does such a wonderful job inviting the public to share in this sort of event. The food is wonderful!"

And Joyce is right. I was ushered into a room where I was presented with the most divinely well plated presentation of desserts I have ever seen. Cheryl Ouellette is baker at Charter House. Her boss lets her come up with these amazing creations. Folks cannot directly purchase the desserts but they can come to a future Parkside Art Gallery event to partake of one of Rochester's best desserts.

Want to feast your eyes on some excellent desserts? Enjoy!

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