As I continue my quest for the best dessert in Rochester, KROC listeners and friends are dishing on what they think is the best. I gotta hand it to you all, you're really hitting the recommendations out of the park. Our next taste testing was with Mon Petite Cupcake. The lovely and endearing owner, Jennifer Rogers greeted me at Chocolaterie Stam (you also gotta go check out their gelato) where the cupcakes are sold. Sherri Halleland was my partner in crime tackling this tough job of tasting these divine desserts.

Not only are Mon Petite cupcakes good (they're really really good) one of Rogers secret culinary weapons is her background as a registered dietitian. She knows her way around food and finding the best ingredients to help people in a delicious way - sinking your teeth into a cupcake immediately encourages a smile to perks up into a huge satisfied grin. People enjoy her exceptional array of cupcakes and treats that hosts no preservatives or other crazy stuff you'll find on the shelves at a store.

Okay, enough reading. You ready to check out this yumminess? Click on the video below.

Chocolaterie Stam is located at the University Square galleria. You can find Mon Petit Cupcakes there, as well as fine European chocolates and gelato.

And did you know that Mon Petit Cupcakes was named MSN Top 101 Best cupcakes in America?!??! Well now you know and are that much closer to enjoying them.


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