Was it you? They are hoping you'll respond to their Craigslist Missed Connections ads.

It's kind of a guilty pleasure of mind to browse Missed Connections, and today I found ads which supposedly took place at Target in NW Rochester. I shop there frequently, but I definitely don't think anyone was looking for me!

Take a look at these men who are trying to find some beautiful ladies!

Profit Rises 18 Percent At Target Corp
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The first ad reads...

It's 11 a.m. Sunday morning I just saw you in Target. We caught each other's eye a couple of times in the bakery/fruit section and was floored at you beauty.
I headed to the self service check out and saw you again turn around and go back to the bakery area killing my hopes that I'd catch up to you until I notice you walking back again towards the check out but lost site of you. Leaving the check out I notice you at the same one I just used, dammit I miss you again. We're you standing behind me hoping I'd notice?

I can't stop thinking about your gorgeous look and kicking myself for not talking to you. Your long blonde hair thin build looked great in those black tights and black boots!!!

I'm sitting in the parking lot writing this post on Craigslist in hopes you see it right away.. can I be that lucky?
Please reply back and tell me something about me that proves it's you.
Hopefully you'll see this and allow me to put you on a pedestal where you should be and the back of my motorcycle with knees to the breeze.


Another guy is searching for someone who is apparently a cashier at that same location! Check this out...

To the amazingly beautiful taller young woman with curly dark hair at the target in north Rochester. I don't know if you could see it in my eyes but you were driving me crazy inside. If you think this is you and it's a long shot but message me back. Would love to talk more.

I totally respect these guys for putting themselves out there! It's never easy to do. Do you think you know the ladies they are searching for? Is one of them you? Hit em' back soon!


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