Get ready to experience a whole new Target than the one we're used to. Here's what to expect...

According to a press release, the Minneapolis-based retailer plans to invest billions of dollars over the next three years to re-imagine hundreds of their already-existing stores:

For shoppers like my wife, who has a hard enough time simply walking out of Target with the small list they go inside with, these new plans and designs sound absolutely fantastic:

  • Two entrances for guests
  • An elevated, cross-merchandise product presentation
  • A wine & beer shop along with an enhanced grocery section where the second entrance will be located
  • Curved, more circular aisles to engage shoppers with uniquely-designed merchandise displays
  • Employees equipped with new technology to search inventory, take payment from a mobile point of sale system, and even arrange for delivery

While the overall goal is to re-imagine 600 stores by 2019, renovation of Target's flagship store in Minneapolis is scheduled to be complete this fall, along with the first fully re-designed store in Houston, Texas, according to KARE11.

If you'd like to see more images of the future of Target, click HERE for a photo gallery.

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