I personally have never really been a huge fan of Valentine's Day, but hey if you're going to celebrate, do it the right way! Here are the worst places in Southeast Minnesota to take your date.

  • 1


    While it may be delicious food, going to a fast food restaurant, especially a brand new one that you're going to have to wait in line at, is far from romantic...

  • 2

    St Mary's

    Yeah, it probably wasn't an intentional place to end up on your date, BUT if you do end up here, guaranteed the date is ruined.

  • 3

    Corn Cob Tower

    Far from romantic trying to have a picnic by the ummm "most unique" water tower. The factory next to it smells bad too. Plus it's February, I think you may have to ditch the picnic idea, sorry!

  • 4


    Unless you have kids, it's weird to go to a park for Valentine's Day. You may be a kid at heart, but lets not get arrested in the process...

  • 5


    Yeah, I know there has been a wedding at the Hormel museum, but it REALLY doesn't scream romance.

  • 6

    Your Mom's house

    If you even considered this, you are so far out of the romantic sphere that I'm not sure I can help you...

  • 7


    God help you...

  • 8


    If you resort to a gas station for your "dinner" and she goes to the restroom, chances are she ditched you!

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