While it seems like a lifetime before we will be able to get outside and enjoy a meal in the sunshine, it's still fun to think of the possibilities. I drove by Roscoe's this morning and was immediately saddened. We won't be able to get our drive-in fix in Rochester any longer....

With that being said, here are the drive-ins I think need to come to Rochester.

  • 1


    It would be a sin to start this list with anything but Sonic! How cool would it be to have a Sonic? Roller blades and all!

  • 2


    Franchise the Drive-In in Taylors Falls. If you haven't been there, you'll feel like you take a step back in time to the '50s -Poodle skirt-clad carhops bring orders of crinkle-cut fries, homemade root beer, and bison burgers.

  • 3

    Superdawg Drive-In

    Superdawg a well-known Chicago drive-in for 70 years will delivering Chicago-style dogs, fries and milkshakes to your car.

  • 4


    Remember when A&W was a drive-in restaurant? If we are going to have a drive-in, why not make it a classic? A&W is one of the oldest established fast food joints in the U.S.

  • 5

    A BBQ Place

    With Roscoe's closing up shop, it would be awesome to get a new outdoor BBQ place in town!

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