It's easy to dream about moving away on days like today. It's spring, but feels like the 100th day of winter. I hear you, warmer weather is calling. BUT, let's be real, you'd miss these things if you left Minnesota.

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    Minnesota Nice

    Minnesota people are the nicest people in the world! It's a fact ;)

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    The Beautiful Fall Colors

    We are very fortunate to really get to experience all four seasons. Fall in Minnesota is by far the most gorgeous of all though.

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    The Snow

    Hard one to swallow right now, BUT can you really imagine NOT having snow on Christmas?

  • Matt Bachrach
    Matt Bachrach

    Comfort Food

    If you're living in a place that's warm year round, chances are you won't be reaching for the comfort food as often. That, and in all reality, will it be as accessible when grandma lives hundreds of miles away? Just saying.

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    Mayo Clinic

    You have a world-renowned, first-class hospital a few miles from home. It not only offers top notch healthcare, but also gives the city economic stability.

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