Each year millions of people make a New Year's resolution and the top change people want to make is to be healthier by getting fit and losing weight. If you are giving it a go this year, you've probably already started your diet, but is that diet right for you? US News just published information that might help you adjust your diet plan to get the best results.

For the third straight year, the Mediterranean Diet was listed as the best.  The report says it offers "a host of health benefits, including weight loss, heart and brain health, cancer prevention, and diabetes prevention and control." This diet cuts down the amount of red meat, sugar and saturated fat you eat and increases fish and olive oil. BONUS - red wine is part of the plan! Learn more here.

Experts don't view the Keto diet so fondly. This diet ranked near the bottom - 34th out of 35. Last month, we shared Mayo Clinic's verdict on this diet: "The high fat content — and especially the high level of unhealthy saturated fat — combined with limits on nutrient-rich fruits, veggies and grains is a concern for long-term heart health." Learn more about Keto's ranking here.

See the full report with 35 diets ranked, here.

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