People complain about Rochester all of the time on social media. Some of the most popular complaints are the lack of entertainment options, the high cost of living, and the horrible parking situation in the downtown area. What's your biggest beef with Rochester? Whatever it is, the city wants to know, and if it's valid they might actually address the issue.

The city of Rochester sent out a press release today saying they will be conducting a phone survey starting May 21st to gauge resident perceptions on city services and priorities. "The survey topics will include the current state of the city, city services, potential areas of improvement and perceptions of the community. Collection of information will be randomized and all responses are confidential."

If you get a call you're encouraged to sound off. City Administrator Steve Rymer says the city survey results will be used help determine what is important to the community. “Having input from the community will be invaluable as the Mayor and City Council proceed through the important process of developing strategic priorities.”

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