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Luckily, nobody was injured during this crash involving a Minnesota police squad car. But you won't believe WHY it happened in the first place!

Living here in the Land of 10,000 (Now-Frozen) Lakes, we're used to the cold and snowy weather, even though we might complain about it every now again. Like how NOT fun it is to have to scrape the frost and ice off your windshield if you've parked your vehicle outside overnight in the sub-zero weather.

Well, apparently THIS driver didn't like that task so much, they just decided NOT to clear the snow and ice off their windshield. Which means they couldn't see very well. And which also caused them to crash right into this squad car belonging to the North Mankato Police Department.

Oops. Yeah, that just happened earlier this week. In a post on the City of North Mankato Facebook page, North Mankato police said that luckily, nobody was injured when the car with the obscured windshield ran into their squad:

This morning a North Mankato Police Department squad car was struck by a motorist who did not clear the snow/ice off of their windshield. North Mankato Police would like to remind motorists to make sure their vision is not impaired by ice, snow, or other debris. The last thing anyone wants to do is get into an accident... especially with a police car!

Yes, I can say that getting into an accident with anyone-- especially a police car-- is definitely NOT on my agenda. So, yeah, always make sure your windshield is clear before you put your car in drive and hit the gas!

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