We know it's not the healthiest choice but we still choose to dig in. The average American spends over $1,000 each year on fast food. Rochester has dozens of options for a quick meal, but our listeners are hoping for at least one more. We conducted a survey asking listeners which restaurant they'd love to have in Rochester. The number one choice - by a lot - was Sonic.

Back in 2016, Jeff Kiger from the Post Bulletin, spoke to Drew Ritger who is the burger chain's senior vice president of development. At that time, Ritger said:"We'll soon be actively looking again in your community. We believe it would be a fantastic community for our brand. We don't have, anybody in Rochester yet that has an interest in a franchise yet, but we will be actively seeing what can be done in the next year."

That was a quote from 2016. It's almost 2019, and sadly we have no good news to report.  See the top ten restaurants we wish would come to Rochester in the video below: