Wisconsin is known for many things, one of which is its natural beauty.  Places like Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin made headlines when they were voted some of the most beautiful in America. You can see that ranking here.

The water of Wisconsin is strong, and some even believe that some of those waterways have healing powers.

Dunbar town beach, Wisconsin, USA

This great area was once called "Me-shay-way-odeh-ni-bis" by the natives of the land.

What And Where Are The Healing Waters Of Wisconsin?

This location is an old-fashioned resort town, it is called Elkhart Lake. This spot is well known to locals and has been talked about many times.

Native Americans believed the lake had healing powers, so developers seized the opportunity and built resorts. Visitors started traveling here way back in the 1860s by railroad and stagecoach.

Some hotels in this location were first built in the 1800s. Needless to say, the history of these lands has a very long history. Many capitalize on the body water even to this day. This Lake offers a lot.

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Elkhart Lake is a clear glacial lake that’s one of the deepest lakes in Wisconsin. It’s an ideal lake for swimming, boating, and paddling, and for some... healing. You can learn more here.

Elkhart Lake is beautiful in any season, and it’s likely that you may find yourself feeling a little more relaxed and refreshed when you spend time here. Maybe there really is something magical in the water!

Many believe that nature can not only relax the mind and body but heal it as well. If there is a spot in Wisconsin to do the, it is Elkhart Lake.

Bond Falls , Paulding Michigan USA

Would you travel to this spot?

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