I still cannot believe this is real life. Me? A Radio Host? I am a mom of two adorable young ladies. I am a web geek for work. I am a college student. And yet, here I am learning to be a radio host in addition. Doing radio has been on my bucket list. I have been a guest on the radio before but I was guided during those sessions. So when this opportunity came across my path, I got super excited.

A few weeks ago, I started training at KROC as an on-air radio host. I was put on the 4-6 a.m. shift to learn the ropes. Right away, I was shown how to operate the board. But it didn’t stop there! I also had to operate a computer AND simultaneously say things over the mic that made sense. I am a bit of a rambler so learning how to be succinct has been a huge lesson.


My boss, Dunken (Can you believe he’s my boss?!?!? He,he,he,he!) has been a tremendous help. Sometimes he’d look away when I flubbed. Sometimes he’d laugh. Sometimes he walked out of the studio in frustration. (Okay, it didn’t get that bad!) But with his steady guidance, I worked hard and now here I am! A radio host!

I am still learning a ton and soaking it all in. I am very excited at the possibilities of having a platform to not only share good music but to also promote #kindness, something I am passionate about.

I manage a Facebook page that might be of interest if you’re looking to had some positive inspiration in your life, you can find it at www.facebook.com/rakrochmn

Thanks again for your listening ears and I am honored to be a part of the KROC community.

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