Halloween is right around the corner and while the CDC is frowning upon traditional events because of the COVID-19 pandemic we do know people love the haunted holiday and will still dress up.

The National Retail Foundation says 58% of people still plan on celebrating Halloween with the average person spending a little over $92 on costumes, decorations, and candy. (Need help with Halloween? We'd love to hook you up with cash for your costume. You'll have the best Halloween ever and have enough left over to have an amazing Christmas when you win $10,000! Keep listening to win!)

The NRF says, "More than three-quarters say the virus is impacting their celebration plans, with overall participation down to 58 percent. Plans for parties, trick-or-treating, handing out candy and visiting haunted houses have all dropped, due largely to the fact that some activities do not easily adhere to social distancing. Even so, 17 percent say they plan to celebrate virtually."  A virtual costume party doesn't sound like much fun to me, but there are other Halloween events happening in our area. Keep scrolling to see what's going on in our area.

If you're single and dressing to impress you might want to skip the revealing costumes and find something that will make people laugh. A new survey by dating.com reveals that 70% of people say funny Halloween costumes are the most attractive. On the other hand, Trump and Biden costumes might be popular this year, but  68% of men and 52% of women say political costumes are the least attractive.

2020 Halloween Haunted Houses, Events, and Attractions in The Rochester Area

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