Every single person dreams every single night and most of our dreams are super weird. The Sleep Foundation says this is because the front part of our brain that controls how we make sense of the world shuts down when we sleep, “Because of this, the dreaming brain puts together ideas that normally do not go together.”

I hardly ever remember my dreams, but when I do, I always go to Google. A lot of people actually search out the meanings of their dreams and a company called My Vision recently analyzed that search data to determine the most common dreams in each state. Read about Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa's most common dreams and nightmares below.

Did you know that eating before going to sleep can make nightmares more likely?

Healthline says this is because it increases your metabolism, signaling your brain to be more active.

MyVision.org looked at close to 10,000 Google dream searches to determine the most common dream in each state.

The Most Common Dream and Nightmare in Iowa

Iowans are dreaming about diamonds.

Ivan Masic

DreamAstroMeaning.com explains, “When they (diamonds) appear in our dreams, they could signify many different things. Being the hardest existing stone, they symbolize endurance, patience, and perseverance.”

Mattress Advisor says the most common nightmare in Iowa involves tornadoes. There were 114 tornadoes reported in the Hawkeye state in 2021 so that makes perfect sense.

The Most Common Dream and Nightmare in Wisconsin

The most common dream searched online in Wisconsin involves roosters.



DejaDream.com explains, “The rooster is a symbol of creativity, fertility, and celebration. It can also represent your lustfulness or need to be noticed or validated.”

The most common nightmare in the Badger state involves being chased.

Mattress Advisor says this is the most common nightmare in the country and that it “typically means you’re avoiding an issue or a person.”

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The Most Common Dream and Nightmare in Minnesota

The most common dream in Minnesota involves eyelashes falling out according to the Google search data that was analyzed for this study. I’ve never had this dream or even heard of it.


According to DreamBible.com. “Eyelashes that fall out symbolize feeling less attractive or a loss of appeal. Feelings about the loss of power to be appealing with ease.”

That sounds like a horrible dream, but it’s actually not the most common nightmare in Minnesota.

Mattress Advisor says the top nightmare in Minnesota involves missing an important event. Now, I have had the nightmare where I wake up thinking I’m way late for work so I can understand that.

FYI, Scientists don’t agree that dreams have meaning. So don’t freak out too much about losing eyelashes, roosters, or diamonds. The Sleep Foundation says, “Many people think that dreams contain messages, but the evidence for this is weak.”

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