I have a soft spot for unique houses. I've never been the girl who likes cookie-cutter homes. I want spunk, class and character, and this house has all that and then some. Check it out... 

This one-of-a-kind gem is known as a geodesic dome home. It's located in Kellogg and has more than 3,500 square feet of living space.

According to Inhabitat.com the geodesic dome was patented in 1951, "and while you may not see a lot of on a normal city street, geodesic domes are known to be the most efficient building system available."

And the price for this unique home? As of this post, the listing was $169,900. That seems like a great deal for such a large home with so much to offer! Plus, the home is just straight-up cool! Am I right?

  • Realtor.com

    Must-See Million Dollar Med City Mansion! – [Photos]

    Pretty sure the guest/pool house alone is nicer than my house! This house is incredible, and totally doesn’t look like something you’d see in Rochester. Check out the pictures here.

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