I discovered the most fantastic hair accessory in the world. You know what, in the universe. Seriously though, I've had long hair all of my life, and I've never had a ponytail holder work this well. It may sound silly, but if you have long hair, you know exactly what I'm talking about. That classic meme - my hair tie won't go around my hair three times, and it's too loose when it's only wrapped twice. Not to mention, the crease. Ugh, the crease. Even when I wear my hair up for 10 minutes, the crease is there to stay for the day... And I could legit make something out of all the hair that's left on my hair ties. Well, not anymore, thanks to this magical accessory.


It's called Invisibobble. I ordered them with my FabFitFun subscription, and I have been using them every day. Typically, I'm not overly fond of wearing my hair up because of all the reasons above and that lovely headache and hair damage that go along with it. But, I'm telling you Invisibobble is a miracle worker. I wear them to the gym and my hair stays in place. I wear them to work and can take it out without the crease at any time throughout the day. It's crazy how much it looks like a phone cord right? It doesn't break. It doesn't stretch. It doesn't hurt. It doesn't tangle. It doesn't leave a crease. There isn't a single thing I dislike about these!