It wasn't long ago that the small town of Byron was hit with the bad news about their only grocery store closing. Eyota could be next. Marketplace in Byron was bought out by Kwik Trip, while the Eyota Market wants to see someone local take over.

According to the Star Tribune, the huge 14,000+ square foot market has been run by the Schumann family for the past 11 years. When Al Schumann passed in 2013, his daughter Vicki Arent took over while quietly looking for a new owner. Nearly 5 years later, she's making it more public that she needs the town's help if they're going to remain open.

More than 100 residents of Eyota attended a meeting to discuss ways to keep the Eyota Market open. Dozens of community volunteers have since signed up to help find new ownership. It sounds like they are open to several possibilities, like leasing part of the building to a hardware store, a landscaping business, a gym or something along those lines  - suggestions made by Cathy Enerson, a community and business development specialist for Eyota.

What can you do to support them? Shop local.


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