The athletic club that has it all is ridding one of their popular amenities - hot food. Don't worry the Club Cafe & Deli isn't going anywhere (at least the deli side isn't), but what they serve will be changing in the very near future. Beginning December 2nd, they will no longer have a hot food option. You'll still be able to take advantage of the grab-and-go items like sandwiches, salads, pre-portioned pasta salads, fruit and veggie cups, snacks (muffins, cereal, banana bread, no-bake bars, cookies, yogurt, chips, etc.), and beverages (smoothies, protein shakes, coffee, soft drinks, etc.). But, all the made-to-order meals AND  espresso drinks will no longer be served.

"There are many variables that have gone into this difficult decision. We have studied our foodservice model along with restaurant trends in Rochester, specifically in our surrounding area, for several years and have determined that our model of food service is not financially sustainable." - Brent, RAC General Manager.

They plan on remodeling the space. Brent says they want to "maximize the use of space and have a new area that is more customer-friendly, modern, and financially viable for the future of the club."

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