I'm always looking for a healthy place to eat lunch. I found out that there was a place I've been missing out on! I'm not a Mayo Clinic employee so maybe I'm preaching to the choir but there is a Café at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center and it's open to the public!

Get an incredible "Wellness Combo" approved meal Monday-Thursday 6am-6pm and Fridays 6am-3pm. They have adaptations for all dietary needs like gluten free and nut-free.

Their "Wellness Combo" meals are built to satisfy and are 600 calories or less per package. Get their Fresh Avocado and Tomato Salad. It's delicious and under 100 calories.

They also have amazing nutrition classes for every type of fuel your body needs. Whether you are an athlete looking to fuel your sports performance or are looking to get your diet in gear, they have something for you!


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