Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday and your Dad might like a card. He’d probably prefer a phone call though, and every survey I’ve seen says the thing he really wants is a big steak and a cold beer. Dads are pretty easy to please. I am one and I’d be thrilled with a steak and a beer.

93 million Father’s Day cards will be sent. It’s the 4th most popular holiday for sending cards. Below you’ll see the top holidays and how many cards for that occasion according to The Guardian:

  • Christmas – 1.6 billion cards
  • Valentine’s Day – 151 million cards
  • Mother’s Day – 141 million cards
  • Father’s Day – 93 million cards
  • Easter – 57 million cards
  • Halloween – 17 million cards
  • Thanksgiving – 13 million cards

I didn’t even know Halloween greeting cards were a thing? Who wants a card on Halloween? Give candy not cards!  And, Thanksgiving? I mean you’re so close to Christmas – save yourself a few bucks (told you I'm a dad)  and call the person or just send a generic holiday card in early December.

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