I expected to see maybe a few hundred names on this list, BUT close to 2,000? That blew my mind. Also, this list does NOT include parking warrants. See if your name, or someone you know made the naughty list...

Here are the names that have been added in the last day to the Olmsted County website.


NameDate of BirthNumber of
Alexander, Kianna Renee Radcliffe04/01/19901
Gilliam, Cassius L05/29/19911
Jefferson, Briana Nichole04/30/19921
Jones, Mario Lamar09/17/19821
Kirkham, Jeremy Jeffrey04/14/19771
Lara-Gonzalez, Jesus Alejandro04/19/19821
Long, Justin Leonard07/26/19861
Mannion, Julie Anne03/07/19861
Muralles Alvarado, Edin Rudilio01/09/19911
Osby, Phyllis Elaine06/27/19941
Overland, Adam Bruce11/23/19781
Patterson, Daniel Ray05/05/19811
Stahnke, Zachary Thomas12/30/19961


See the rest of the 1,900 names here.

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