My refrigerator is stocked with condiments for every situation. I have ketchup, mustard, ranch, mayo, and a few different types of hot sauce, salsa, and BBQ sauce. I don't mess around.

I'm sure you have your own favorite condiment that you like putting on sandwiches and whatnot. But does Minnesota as a whole have its own favorite condiment?

According to Thrillist, a data team analyzed over 50,000 reviews to map out the most "buzzed-about" condiment in every state. Both North Dakota and Wisconsin is all about mayonnaise, which...okay. To each their own.

But the "most popular" condiment in Minnesota? Is it ranch dressing? Ketchup? Mayo? Sriracha? Frank's RedHot? Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce? Nope!

Nature's Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

...Wait, what?! I'm sorry, there's no way that can be true. Seriously, when is the last time you put coconut oil on a sandwich? Am I crazy? I've never heard of anyone who uses coconut oil as a condiment.

"Yes, I'd like to order a large pepperoni pizza with a side of Nature's Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, please. No, better make that two sides. My family is very hungry."

I promise you, that is a sentence that has never been spoken out loud in Minnesota.

See the full map here.

Source: Thrillist

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