The signs, reading "Warning: Twin Cities Police Easily Startled" had been placed around several neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

According to a picture shared by KARE 11 on their Facebook page, and another image (see below) from a reddit user, these are one of three known signs that were spotted by pedestrians, and then removed overnight by road construction crews: 

The signs are no doubt in reference to the shooting of Justine Damond last week in Minneapolis by police officer Mohamed Noor. Noor's partner is on record saying the whole incident happened due to Noor being "startled by a loud noise."

According to the Star Tribune, police in St. Paul and Minneapolis say that they were unaware of the signs.

Officer-involved shootings are once again dominating the headlines in Minnesota. The killing of Damond, as well as Philando Castile, Jamar Clark, and even the trigger-happy officer who shot two dogs in a fenced-in backyard last week have all garnered negative attention.

It's too early to tell if other signs exist, but so far these were the only ones found and taken down.


Dunken was running on the Douglas Trail in Rochester on Monday when he saw a semi-truck on it's side. Check this out:

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