Minnesota is currently going through one of my least favorite seasons of the year. And no, I'm not talking about the brutally cold and snowy winter of 2019 - I'm talking about tax season. Because you know what's not fun? Paying taxes! Also, having to do a little basic math! So it isn't too surprising that many Minnesotans are not fans of having to file their taxes and fork over some extra cash to the IRS.

But what if you were given the choice of giving something up in exchange for never having to do your taxes? Thanks to a survey by Offers.com, we know that:

- 29% of Minnesotans would rather give up Netflix (or Hulu) than pay their taxes this year.

- 28% of Minnesotans would give up sugar.

- 26% of Minnesotans would rather show their boss their browsing history.

I'm gonna tell you right now, I don't think I would do any of those things. Paying taxes isn't fun, but I don't think I could give up my main source of entertainment. Or eating desserts. And I'm definitely not doing that last one. How about you? Is there anything you'd give up to avoid paying taxes? Feel free to leave a comment!

Source: Offers.com

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