Driver's Licenses - there's an app for that! There is a pilot program in the works with the goal of eliminating the hard copy driver's license. Instead, you'll be able to show off your ID via your phone. The app shows your license, front and back, just like the plastic version. Not to mention, the app has settings that will allow you to limit what's shown, depending on the situation. For example, when buying alcohol it would only show your photo and say you are of age. So no more having to lie about your weight? Wheww!

A cybersecurity company called Gemalto designed the digital license, and is currently testing it out with a two-year pilot program. According to Fox News, so far field trials have been conducted in Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Maryland and Washington, D.C. They believe we'll have the choice of using a digital driver's license, or sticking with the old hard copy, within the next five years.

There's already ways to pay with your phone, soon you'll be able to have your ID on your phone, what's next? Give us a digital way to do our makeup, and we can all stop breaking our backs with useless purses!

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