You know me, I love tattoos! I have several, and it's rare that I would ever speak negatively about any tattoos. BUT, when they are telling me that they are going to use human (or dog) hair to make the ink, that straight freaks me out. Apparently, this company is gaining steam on Kickstarter. They are called Skin46 - get your loved ones under your skin, literally! Their Kickstarter page says, "SKIN46 is a safe tattoo ink made with medically clean carbon extracted from your loved one's hair. Even from your pet."

How does it work?

"You just take a 5 gram / 0.17 oz of your loved one’s hair and send it to us. We then break down the hair to medically clean carbon, produce your tattoo ink, and send it back to you." You take the ink to the tattoo artist of your choice. At this time, you can only get black ink. One bottle is enough to do about 30 small tattoos.

According to the Kickstarter page, you can use up to 10 person's hair to create one bottle.

What do you think? Cool or creepy?

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